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    Potential View Photography

    Imagine capturing the breath-taking views of the proposed 10th floor penthouse even before construction has begun. Finally, the developer has an alternative to the expensive “artist’s impression” to attract prospective purchasers as the SkyShots camera is lifted to the correct level and a series of impressive shots are taken.

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    Aerials CBD

    Aerial Photography

    Aerial photography requires different skills then other photography . Our team is specialized to translate you’re ideas and you’re customers wishes into amazing images. Skyshots Aerial photography delivers still photography in high resolution. We use Helicopters, Fixed wings aircrafts, helium filled blimps, masts

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    Lipman Castle Hill

    Progress Photos

    Construction projects like housing estates and other developments often require progress reports at regular intervals. Skyshots provides an affordable solution that enables project managers to track and report on the progress of their construction visually which can reveal far more than conventional photography

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    Real Estate agents

    Aerial photograpy is a powerfull selling tool. An impressive photograph of the area is not possible from the ground. Skyshots Aerial photography can provide a superior and affordable range of services to maximize you selling potential Click here to read more.

    Display you’re property in the context of it’s surrounds.

    The Skyshots aerial technique captures the full vista of the property and grounds and provides unusual perspectives that will accentuate the best features and allow the property to stand out from the rest. A new and impressive perspective of residential and commercial property’s will attract customers and increase sales.

    realeastateReal estate package

    This package delivers 16 Images at three different heights and angles.

    This package delivers a wide angle panorama of the property.

    All images will be delivered “ Print ready” quality and www quality

    Pricing $675,00 + GST Within 20 Km of Sydney CBD

    All kind of variations are possible. Please contact us for other pricing.


    The skyshots Differentiators

    Working close to an airport

    • We utilizing helicopters, helium balloons and telescopic masts to

    capture unusual perspectives and views unattainable on the ground.

    • We capture unique views of properties and sites in a high quality digital format from angles and altitudes impossible to achieve with traditional photographic techniques.
    • We can accurately create panoramas of the potential view from a given height.

    By using our helium filled blimp we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our helium filled blimp, equipped with an integrated remote-control camera system can silently float up to altitudes of 300 meters which allows a selection of captivating oblique aerial photographs to be taken. Depending on the required height we can work in area’s close to airports where other techniques likes drones are strictly forbidden.


    Why low level aerial photography?

    Due to years of experience Skyshots aerial photography Sydney is very capable of capturing stunning aerial images for all kind of usage. We have delivered   these great panoramic views of Sydney and NSW to multiple satisfied customers who used them for various projects.

    Although between 10 and 300 mtr. it’s very hard or even impossible to position a helicopter for accurate photography. That’s why we have a specialized “Blimp team” on the road 6 day’s a week to position our camera’s where others can’t or where others are not allowed to. We are capable to accurate float the camera to a set height and capture images up to 360° coverage. In our office we can stitch those images to wide angle panorama’s for you and to impress you’re customers.  This exciting technique allow image capturing of the breath taking potential views of the proposed 15Th floor Penthouse before construction even began. Not an Artist impression but the real thing. A potential view shot of the actual view.

    low levelUsing the blimp has spectacular advantages.

    *The blimps flies silently

    *The blimp can fly in airport proximities where others can’t.

    *The blimp can usually fly where others are not allowed.




    Low level aerial photography for sales purposes

    The exciting blimp technique stands out due to the almost endless possibilities. The system delivers extreme detailed aerial photography as for these images the blimps fly’s between 10 and 100 mtr. above existing ground. For Real estate agents, marketeers and sales professionals the captured low level aerial images will contribute to fast positive sales results as they show a property in it’s natural surroundings and show proximity to landmarks, parks, rivers or shopping centers without loosing spectacular detail on the property.  That’s why many sales professionals choosing our services to stand out in the (sales) crowd.

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