Building Site Photography

You’re construction site often requires these great full vista images of the work in progress. This could give you this marketing material for you’re company and it’s future projects. Skyshots aerial Photography Sydney is able to capture this images with a bird’s eye view. We can do this on a regular basis to track the progress but often we run out for one of images in the middle of a project. These spectacular images will impress you’re clients and can be a fantastic contribution to you’re marketing material in brochures and you’re web site. Using these images in you’re advertising campaigns makes you’re company stand out of the crowd!! It’s shows your company and you’re project in full working mode.


All images we produce are post processed an “print ready”. Imagine being able to show you’re clients the progress of their development and even being able to print and frame these high resolution images. Just imagine you’re clients reactions.

For you as a building company it shows the actual progress on a set date. These high resolution images will help you to lift you’re project to the next level.

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