Potential View Photography

Although we acknowledge that view study’s and potential view photography are related, there are some differences. As view study’s are usually performed before DA and the images are often used in board rooms and for pricing purposes. View or no view ? Can wee see the harbor bridge ? Do we clear this specific building ? Potential view shots are usually used in the marketing and sales stage and printed in brochures or shown at web-sites. Our focus is; You’re Marketing!

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Between the text1 Level 41 Panorama-

Imagine being able to show the breathtaking view of the proposed 40Th floor while the concrete is being poured on the first floor. Finally the developer and their marketing partners have an alternative for expensive and artist impressions to attract prospective purchasers. Being able to show the actual view to your clients is priceless.

At the exact location Skyshots Aerial Photography Sydney float the camera at a accurately measured specific height we take a series of overlapping images. These high resolution images can be stitched together to a “This feels real panorama”. These wow factor images will contribute to positive sales results.

Imagine being able to present these images in you’re sales office!

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