View study’s

When you’re project needs special attention.

All developers and their marketers acknowledge the importance of a proper and accurate view study of their building to be.

This could be extremely helpful by pricing of a project and for single units. Is the Harbor Bridge visible or not ? Many Sydney projects have been priced and sold by using our potential view-shots. The Team of Skyshots Aerial photography Sydney have seen the views of almost all major developments while they where still in DA.

Skyshots Aerial photography Sydney is you’re professional partner to perform these study’s and to provide you with critical information for you’re project. We use a helium filled blimp equipped with an integrated remote-control high resolution cameras system to silently float up to altitudes of 250 Mtr. which allows a selection of captivating horizontal aerial photographs to be taken. These images reach a field of view of 360°. Alternatively these images can be stitched to wide angle panorama’s.

We capture the unique view of a specific floor. These images and the captured potential view can be translated in important marketing tools.

Even if there is still an existing building on you’re site you can already start marketing the new development as Skyshots Aerial photography Sydney is able to launch from existing roofs to perform you’re view study and show the potential view of the development.

Aerial photography

Skyshots Aerial photography is able to create this stunning effects in property marketing even in close proximity of airports.

Every project is unique. If you would like to discuss the possibilities to reach the maximum potential of you’re (future) development please contact us on the phone number below. Alternatively you can drop us an e mail.

Skyshots Aerial Photography Sydney

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